Gorilla Music Presents, “The Once In A Lifetime Contest!”

THE ONCE IN A LIFETIME TOUR is a national concert event series presented by Gorilla Music where one lucky band will win $5,000 cash, one year of management, and a chance to enter the studio with DAN CULL, the President of GORILLA MUSIC to write, produce and record a song together.

Bands that have proven themselves on a Once in a Lifetime tour date will be entered into our online voting system. Voting starts December 1st. The top ranking bands in the online voting contest will then be interviewed by Dan and the Gorilla Music Management team. One lucky band will be chosen as the winner from these finalists by Grammy Award Winning & Oscar Nominated Record Executive, Amir Windom, as the winner.

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Contest Ends In:
Total votes for the Contest"Once In A Lifetime": 4794

The Pelicant’s

The Pelicant’s, defined as progressive jazz-rock fusion with Metal and electronic influences, is composed of five incredibly talented and individual musicians, each influenced by different genres of music delving into artists and bands such as Frank Zappa, Jaco Pastorious, Miles

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Rocki Boulis

Rocki Boulis is a nineteen year old singer/songwriter from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She has been singing since the age of three years old and started realizing around eleven that she wanted to use her talents to seek a career in the

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The Noyokos

The Noyokos are a genre crossing musical fusion Stoner Rock band that creates mellow vibes all while emulating that classic driving rock sound that everyone knows and loves. Caleb Hoffman (Vocals/Guitar), Zach Buschman (Guitar), Xavier Hopper (Drums), Mike Pennington (Bass/Guitar).

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Never Ending Fall

The Never Ending Fall has been together since 2008 and originated in Fallston Maryland outside of Baltimore. Practicing and performing together for seven years, the band has developed their own unique blend of rock, funk and reggie. The band attributes

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The Concept Of Breathing

The Concept of Breathing is a 5 piece Metalcore/Progressive metal band out of West Michigan consisting of Cameron Driscoll (Vocals), Joshua Vic (Guitar), Kai Bass (Guitar), Dillon Fitzpatrik (Bass) and Jeffrey Rogers (Drums). We formed in early 2013 with the

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Blindside Drop

Blindside Drop is a pop metal band from Winchester, Kentucky. With chaos and composure, they burst out song after song fusing alternative and pop stylings with metal into a cyclone of eerie high-octane fueled free-spiritedness. The vocals conquers the bellowing

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In 1996, Keith, his brother Ope, And Kush started a band. Soon after with the additon of Kyle “Dacow” Exley they formed The Diml!te. After the tragic loss of Kyle, the band went on indefinite hiatus thinking The Diml!te was

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The Imps are an all teen-girl rock band based in Metro Detroit originally formed by drummer and lead vocalist Katelynn Corll and lead guitarist Liah Miller in 2011. The current four-girl lineup including Claire Davis on bass and Hannah Boissonneault

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Within All Reason

We are within all reason a progressive metal band from oklahoma city as a 5 member group. We have been a band for just over 2 years of dedication and the love of music. With Tracy Street on vocals Chris

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The Accident

We are The Accident from Saint Clair, Michigan. With almost two years under our belt and influences from rock, post-hardcore, and rap, we make sure that we never write the same song twice. Check us out and we guarantee that

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The Darts

We’re a punk rock band from Phoenix, Arizona created by Singer/guitarists Ian Chesnut and Coltin Anderson. Later joined by bassist Devon Sherwood and drummer Jade Lara. We have released 2 EP’s and 1 full length album in our 2-year history

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From Longview Washington, Darkenside formed in the Spring of 2014 and has quickly built a name around the Portland metal  scene. Their Hard riffs, angelic guitar harmonies, and powerful lyrics have built them a strong fan base in a very

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Version 5

Version 5 is an industrial rock band featuring brothers Andy and Spencer Olson from St. Cloud, MN. Andy & Spencer started playing music after their Grandfather (a Midwest Rock & Country Hall of Famer) bought them their first guitars in

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Yet to Fall

Yet To Fall started in 2005 in their hometown of Mount Vernon, Ohio. It all started with two members, Dave Kramer and Jim Phillips. The idea came as both played together just enjoying the love of music. Both members with

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Hi Oktane

We are Hi Oktane. We started out as strangers in a program called the ASH ROCK Program, offered by Sam Ash Music Stores. As time went by, as we got to know each other, we created songs that we all

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Without End

We are Without End! A band from southeast Michigan determined to bring down the house when it comes to shreddy licks and melodic riffs. This band is truly a unique entity in itself and we are always striving to achieve

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Arclight is an Indie Alternative Rock/Electronica/Progressive band from Chicago. We have been playing together as a trio for a few months now. Members consist of Phil Hoffman on percussion, Peter Triolo on bass guitar, and Amith Bokka on vocals, guitar,
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Sacred Cube

Chris Smith: Vocals/ guitar
Anthony Volpe: Lead Guitar/ backing vocals
Cris McDonald: Bass
Kevin McTamany: Drums

Sacred Cube was founded in 2011 when Chris Smith met at Anthony Volpe’s studio room to collaborate on music. This first meeting foreshadowed their

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Iz’em is the experimental melding of four musicians from each corner of the musical earth. With influences ranging from Pop to Grindcore and Neo-Soul to Alt Rock, the combination of members brings an unparalleled eclecticism that is evident in their

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The Choice

The Choice is an indie/rock/experimental trio from Chicago, IL. Influenced by all sorts of genres and bands from Arctic Monkeys to The Killers, they’ve managed to create a new, original sound none have been able to quite compare. With Alex
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Impaq Inc.

IMPAQ INC Artists: VEDO, SandMan, TaY NaY

Facebook facebook.com/impaqinc
YouTube YouTube.com/impaqinc
SoundCloud soundcloud.com/impaqinc
Twitter Twitter.com/impaqinc
Hot New Hip Hop hotnewhiphop.com/impaqinc

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Fall Beyond Pharaoh


We are Fall Beyond Pharaoh out of Northwest Oklahoma. We came together as a band April of 2013 and have been playing local shows all over Oklahoma ever since. Recently we started Piecing together our First Album, which will

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The Killer Beckys

The Killer Becky’s are a three piece grunge band based in Rock & Blues… Ear catching melodies with hard hitting drums and bass that make’s you’re bum bump & thumbs thump!!
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Band Bio – DayDreams is: drummer Ryan Voland, guitarist Marshall Veth, bassist anthony marasco, and guitarist/singer Jesse Klaput. We are a grunge, psychedelic, rock band that uses as unorthodox songwriting style fusing grunge, doom metal and rock influences to give
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Mike Bailer

Bio  –  Hi, my name is Mike Bailer, and I’m a Philadelphia singer, songwriter and performer. I have been writing and performing for several years in venues in and around Philadelphia as well as venues from New York to San
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Blending melodies with aggression, motivation with passion, and energy with volume, Ataxia looks to leave their mark on the metal scene and continue to expand to new horizons since forming in June of 2013. Ataxia has played across the state

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Tabline is a psychedelic grunge rock band who are emerging from houston tx. Performing for years in the underground circuit in austin and houston. Making a name for themselves recently through their distorted perceptions and political views that are ringing

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