EagleOne Entertainment
EagleOne Entertainment and Gorilla Music festivals attract record labels, managers, and music consultants who are looking for superstars. Our festivals range from 60-400 live acts. This is your chance to be a part of something big!

Average Attendance

At an EagleOne Entertainment Festival, you will be exposed to crowds of new fans, build relationships with local clubs, and network with other local bands. The festivals are structure so that the groups with the biggest draws play in the bigger rooms and the groups with smaller draws play in the smaller rooms so that every group can play to capacity crowds. Most rooms are at capacity by 9pm and if we have people coming in from out of town to see the groups we try to get them out to see as many groups during the weekend as possible. Always make sure to tell your fans to get to your show as early as they can so they don’t have to stand in long lines.


Your EagleOne Entertainment agent will call you every week to help prepare you for the event. Our graphics team designs a professional flier. If your band is headlining one of the stages, we will design the flier around your band, if possible. The day of the event, our local event coordinator will meet you at check in to make sure the event runs smoothly. The EagleOne Entertainment staff consists of musicians, artists, producers, former club owners and promoters who understand your band’s challenges and goals. Please take advantage of our experience and contact us any time!

Why Music Festivals?

Music festivals take place in cities all over the country.  One of the most important festivals for any group that’s seeking a record deal is probably SXSW.  Frankly, any festival that allows or encourages unsigned talent to participate is worth a look, and groups should be pursuing these opportunities whenever possible.  In particular, bands should be looking for festivals where someone who is either connected to a label or working for a label will be attending.

Gorilla Music promotes several festivals every year in several different cities including Dallas, Cleveland, and Kansas City.  We usually fly in A&R reps and scouts from different labels to show off the different talent each city have to offer.

Last year at The Cleveland Music Fest, Jeff Blue, who was responsible for discovering Linkin Park, found guitarist Lance Dowdle, who was in a local group in called DNA.  Jeff helped Lance get signed to Atlantic records, and he now plays guitar for a band called Emphatic.  Playing on a show where a talent scout is in attendance is a great way for a group to get discovered quickly.
Festivals also attract large audiences, which gives groups an opportunity to play for big crowds.  When a group gets to play with lots of other bands and for lots of new fans, they have the opportunity to network with more people than they would on a regular show. They can also sell more CD’s, T-shirts, and other merchandise, since there are more people in attendance.
As local music fests grow in popularity and more companies continue to hold these events, we will see more groups getting deals from these types of events. It’s good to see local communities working together for the good of their artists. Let’s hope even more companies get involved and start to support local groups and promote events like these.