This is the table of contents for Rock Your City: 5 Steps to Becoming the Biggest Band in Town – the exciting new book release from Gorilla Music’s John Michalak and Dan Cull.

Step 1: Use Your Social Circle
to Create a Massive Fan Base

 1. Does Your Group Exist?

You’re Invisible
Promotion Will Fail
Social Media?
The Reason Fans Come
Create a Network; Create a Buzz

2. Exposure Doesn’t Work

Why Play Live?
We Worshiped Exposure
The Songs Must Be Good
The Invention of Pre-Sale Tickets
An Empty Venue Kills

3. Grow Your Band Fast

Your Social Circle
Expand Your Network
Effective Networking
Make Your Circle Bigger
Over Deliver
Find and Meet VIPs

Step 2: Create and Put On Outstanding Shows

4. Make Your Shows Amazing

Eliminate the Ugliness
Important Preparations
Pack Your Shows
Connect with Your Audience
Participation Leads to Appreciation
Moody Sound-Men
Stage Volume Impact
Lights Are Critical
Creating Energy on Stage
Sectional Rehearsals = Tightness
Stage Presence

5. Book Your Shows Properly

One Show at a Time
8 Weeks Apart
Use All Your Efforts
Create a Scene

6. Sell-Out Your Shows

The Right Venue
The 100 Person Rule
Selling Tickets Made Easy
Graduating From Pre-Sale Tickets
Selling Tickets to a Funeral
Get the Town Buzzing
Fliers Don’t Work?
Use a Catapult Event to Grow
Networking Daily = Success
Social Networking
1,000 Person Guest List
Amazing Live Shows


7. Getting Good Gigs

Clubs Pay Based on Draw
The Numbers Matter
If Talent = Sales

8. Gigs in Other Cities

The Out of Town Gig
In The Beginning
A List of Touring Necessities

Step 3: Write Great Songs

 9. Where to Start

Where Do Stars Come From?
What’s The Music Business About?
Do The Right Things
Make or Break You
The Dual Tape Recorder Method

10. Writing Attention Getting Songs

2 Kinds of Songs
Do You Have a Hit Song?
Throwing Away Hit Songs
Writing is a Learned Skill
Your Sound

Step 4: Make Genuine Connections with Your Fans

11. T-Shirts Are Powerful

Use T-shirts to Grow
Use T-shirts to Connect
Use T-shirts to Raise Capital
Doing T-shirts Right

12. The Studio

Preparing for the Studio
Use a Click Track
Take Vocal Lessons
Hitting the Notes is Not Enough
Record Everything
Record for Free
Finance Studio Time
A Home Studio is a Must!
Trading for Musical Equipment
Avoidable Problems
Working in a Recording Studio
Mix Up Where You Record

13. Selling Your Music

True Fans
Converting Your Following into True Fans
Your New Sales Team
It’s Not Time to Record Your Masterpiece
Establishing Credibility

14. Releasing Albums

Albums are Tangible
The Write, Record, Release Method
Release Parties
Selling Records

Step 5: Create Name Recognition

15. Airplay

Get on College Radio
More College Radio
Get on Commercial Radio

16. Get Press

Most Stories are Placed News
Press Releases
Send It Everywhere
Send Your Music, Too

17. Opening for National Acts

Who is in Charge?
Who Has the Power?
Where and How to Align Yourself
Impressing the Wrong People

18. What Labels Want

What Labels Want
How to Get a Record Deal?
Do You Need a Label?
What Now