Gorilla Music Team

The Gorilla Music Team is one of the most professional, well organized, courteous, and tenacious teams in the music business. Gorilla Music has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Gorilla Music has worked with over 100,000 bands and hundreds clubs.  They also run shows in over sixty-five US cities and work with over 100 clubs.


Gorilla Music Management

An extension of the Gorilla Music Team, the Gorilla Music Management Staff specialize in artist coaching and band management. Gorilla Music Management is staffed by talented musicians who have real-world, industry experience and genuinely care for local bands and local music. For more information, visit the Gorilla Music Management website or submit your band today.

What is Gorilla Music? Gorilla Music coordinates concerts and events in over 50 US Cities. With our band consultation program and our educational videos we are teaching groups how to put out records, play on sold out shows, write better songs and grab the attention of the music industry. If you’re willing to learn and work hard you’ll have the opportunity to play some of the best shows that you’ve ever played. Our first round battles draw between 200-350 people, our finals rounds attract over 500 people and our weekend showcases usually sell out. We hold several very successful music festivals in cities around the country each year. A&R reps are flown in for these festivals where we showcase the groups that have worked hard and developed a relationship with Gorilla. This is a great way for your band to be seen and heard by people that can set you in the right direction for your musical career. Owners, Dan Cull and John Michalak have over 25 years experience promoting concerts, managing bands, publishing entertainment magazines, owning & operating music venues, and performing as artists. They have booked thousands of national acts over the years including My Chemical Romance, Jay-Z, Fall Out Boy, System of a Down, Creed, Kid Rock, Godsmack, Good Charlotte, Incubus, The Killers, The Darkness, Kid Cudi and many more. So if you want to learn more about the music business, play on amazing shows and have a great time working with our friendly agents then go to gorillamusic.com and sign up for a battle of the bands right now.

The Top 10 Reasons Gorilla Music is the Best Local Band Production Company in the World: 1. We do not require bands to sell tickets. Instead, we reward them for selling tickets by either giving them a better time slot or paying them more per ticket sold. 2. We have great shows. Most of our shows attract huge crowds, so the bands get to play for a lot more people than they would on other local shows. 3. It is free for bands to participate on all of our shows. We handle the cost of the room rental and all the production costs associated with each event. This allows the bands to play in a risk free environment. 4. Our shows are open to any and all bands that want to participate. We do not discriminate against any form of music or any bands based on their level of development. We believe that everyone deserves a chance to perform! 5. We have an A+ rating with The Better Business Bureau, which is the highest rating possible. We are one of the only concert productions companies that specialize in working with local bands that has an A+ rating with The BBB. We have had a total of 5 complaints since our inception in 2006 and all of them have been resolved. This is an absolutely amazing feat considering the fact that we have worked with tens of thousands of bands and hundreds of thousands of music fans. 6. We are the only production company that understands that we are an event coordination company, and not a promotions company. It is through networking that our shows are successful. We provide the tools and environment for bands to be successful. At the same time, we assume the risk by paying for the room and putting together the shows so the bands can focus on networking and performing. It is this team work that helps to ensure a great show for everyone, including the fans. 7. We care. Our agents are easy to get a hold of by phone or email. Our agents are trained to help bands. They are retrained on a regular basis. Additionally, the owners of the company are also easy to reach by phone or email and, more importantly, are interested in talking with you and your band. Both owners have performed live themselves so they know what you’re going through. The entire staff wants to support your band and help you in any way possible. 8. We have created one of the best books ever written about the music business, “Rock Your City.” This book is designed to help local bands navigate their way through their local music scene. Local bands are raving about this book. If you don’t have one, ask us about it. 9. We have a fair structure where bands are rewarded for their hard work. Almost all of the bands that participate in one of our events walk away happy. For the most part, the only people that ever really complain about our company have never worked with us before. The music business is a strange business, but we love it. 10. We have an amazing management program where any band that wants our help can get it. Our management team never locks bands into a long term commitment or ask for a percentage of their profits. Instead, they charge a small monthly fee that we try to work out so that it can fit within each bands budget. In addition to our management program, any band that would like the advice or opinions of our staff – most of whom have been working in the industry for years—all need do is ask. Every member of our staff is more than happy to help your band in any way they can, and that’s a fact. If you’re looking for help, look no further. We are the best!