Rock X Records

Rock X Records, Ltd. is a sister company of Gorilla Music, which is America’s highest-volume concert producer. Gorilla Music books thousands of bands each year through hundreds of concerts and its own music festivals. Rock X Records is able to successfully develop and promote talent by leveraging the grassroots marketing muscle of Gorilla Music. Rock X Records finds, develops and commercially markets groups through concerts, CDs, digital music, DVDs, merchandise and other mediums.

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Through sister company Gorilla Music; Rock X Records is capable of organizing and promoting entire concert tours for its own artists and positioning these artists as headliners.

Gorilla Music also has strong relationships with major talent agencies and can often secure desirable opening slots at large venues in exchange for various favors. (Gorilla has arranged opening gigs for its artists on Nine Inch Nails, Kid Cudi, Voodoo Music Experience and other big concerts.)

Rock X artists receive headliner slots on Gorilla Music Festivals featuring 100-300 other acts.


Gorilla Music produces thousands of concerts each year in 50 major markets.


Educate, rehearse and develop acts to turn raw talent into highly marketable brands.

Rock X works with artists to enhance their skills in areas such as songwriting, rehearsing, recording and performing live. In addition, musicians are taught the importance of branding, marketing, professionalism, strategy and demand.
Rock X has first-hand experience teaching artists how to look and act like media-ready stars.


Create catchy, commercial music with world-class producers.

Artists record in the best facilities with only the best producers. Songs are created with catchy hooks and commercial lyrics to maximize the chances for each single to resonate with fans. Rock X artists produce albums filled with infectious songs that fans will love.


Leverage all Gorilla resources to tour acts as headliners with large audiences across the country.

Rock X has an unrivaled capability of promoting its own concerts nationwide. This allows Rock X to showcase its acts as headliners, rather than opening acts. This is dramatically more powerful in terms of audience perception.

Through Gorilla, Rock X can also showcase its artists in music festivals and major radio, print and Internet campaigns. Rock X and Gorilla use proprietary strategies to fill seats and build fan clubs.


Drive sales by building loyal fan bases and media support, then actively steering momentum.

Rock X sells music through CD and digital sales channels. Rock X uses aggressive tactics to promote sales through concerts as well as online music stores.
Rock X aims to partner with a major record label to gain wider distribution and leverage to generate radio airplay.


Rock X Records finds, nurtures and promotes only the most marketable talent. Rock X Records screens the vast pool of musical acts that perform in Gorilla-produced concerts each year and selects only a few elite artists that possess the natural ability, charisma, attitude and work ethic to succeed.

Rock X executives work personally with each signed artist to teach the necessary philosophy and attitude needed to stand out in a crowded marketplace. By establishing very high standards from the onset, Rock X artists gain a strategic edge.


Every Rock X artist develops a logo, a tone and a style that is uniquely theirs. This personal flair comes through consistently in all music, fashion, videos, photos, posters, websites and live performances. This is their identity.

All branding elements are discussed and decided in detail. Each individual member gains a clear identity within the group. Personalities are played up. Avid fans will follow individual members as well as the whole group.


New Rock X artists will be shown examples of how major artists in the past have created identities and marketed themselves effectively. Artists will learn the nuances of songwriting, rehearsing and performing that very few musicians ever discover. A great deal of effort will go into developing knowledge as well as performance skills.


Rock X will develop a unique marketing strategy for, and with direct input from, each new artist.

Each artist’s marketing strategy will include well-thought approaches for:

– Logo, fashion and visual style

– Musical style and identity

– Songwriting and recording

– Live performances

– Web presence

– Unique hooks or memorable gimmicks

– Touring strategy

– Fan engagement

– Merchandise

– Music release strategy

– Marketing tactics

– Advertising methods and budgets

– Strategic alliances

– Publicity opportunities


Rock X and Gorilla Music oversee a full and part-time staff of over 100 people. This team performs a variety of functions, such as:

– Concert booking and promotion

– Marketing

– Coordination

– Event management

– Graphics and web design

– Sales

– Recording and producing

– Artist development

This is an experienced staff with representatives in nearly every major city. Rock X Records has created a whole new business model for developing artists through grassroots marketing strategies and aggressive touring.


Dan Cull – President, Co-Founder
John Michalak – Vice President, Co-Founder

Dan Cull and John Michalak have combined over 40 years of experience promoting concerts, managing bands, publishing entertainment magazines, running/owning concert clubs, working with independent record labels, and performing as artists themselves. Dan and John have booked thousands of national acts over the years, including Jay-Z, My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, System of a Down, Creed, Kid Rock, Godsmack, Good Charlotte, The Darkness, Incubus, The Donnas, The Killers and more.