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The World Famous Gorilla Music crowdBattle of the Bands!

The Battle of the Bands has become more popular than ever. It is attracting huge crowds and a mammoth amount of interest in local music scenes across the country. Our Battle of the Bands Concert Series is world famous! Gorilla Music works with prestigious concert clubs in over 65 cities nationwide. Gorilla Music helps to opens doors for local bands hoping to make an impact within their music scene. Through a battle of the bands, groups are able to gain experience, play in great venues for great crowds, and learn more about the music business itself. Groups recognize that a battle of the bands can help them build a fan base, improve their bio, and gain the respect of their fans, other bands, promoters, and club owners. Winning a battle of the bands is the fastest way to take your group to the next level. Seeing that crowd and hearing hundreds of people screaming your group’s name will make an incredible impact on everyone there the night of your performance. Gorilla Music events are some of the biggest local shows in the country and probably the world. After a battle of the bands, groups are cherry-picked for other gigs, concerts and other opportunities. Our regional and national music fests attract thousands of people including fans, record label reps, and talent scouts. Our weekend showcases help groups define their status in their market place and actually increase their value to clubs and fans alike. We work with some of the greatest venues across the United States, such as Sullivan Hall in New York City, World Cafe Live in Philadelphia, The Waiting Room Lounge in Omaha, Peabody’s in Cleveland, and The Curtain Club in Dallas, just to name a few. In addition to all our great shows and gigs we have an amazing Band Management Program and learning center, with literature and educational videos available online.

band Gorilla Music Featured Events

The Once In A Lifetime Tour

Gorilla Music presents an exciting new concert event series coming to a city near you! Shows on The Once in a Lifetime Tour are not only opportunities to gain exposure and build your fan base, but also to work with Dan Cull (President of Gorilla Music) who will help write, record, and produce a song with the winning band. The band will also win a one-year management contract with Gorilla Music Management, during which time Dan will personally shop your song to record labels and reps across the country. The winner will be sleceted by Grammy Award Winning and Oscar Nominated Record Executive, Amir Windom.  The Once in a Lifetime Tour dates will take place between April and November, 2014 with voting for the winning band starting in December.

America's Got Talent

America’s Got Talent Season 10

Gorilla Music is partnering with America’s Got Talent in select Cities across the United States! Winning groups on select Battle of the Bands will receive Audition Fast Passes for America’s Got Talent Season 10 auditions. We also encourage any and all bands to participate in these auditions, as it’s a great opportunity for your band to gain exposure on both a local and potentially national scale. Here are the dates of the America’s Got Talent auditions:

January 24th and 25th in Chicago, IL
January 26th in St. Louis, MO
January 29th in San Antonio, TX
February 7th in San Francisco, CA
February 10th in Boise, ID
February 14th and 15th in Los Angeles, CA

Submit your band for a Gorilla Music Battle of the Bands in one of these cities for a chance to win an audition fast pass today!


XHRD Hard Rock Radio

Proudly Presents: ‘the locals’

A Nationwide


Listen and participate in the inter-active program “The Absolute Best EVER!” as local bands, some of the best undiscovered talent from all over the country, compete for Nationwide Airtime, National Exposure, and of course – A Radio Deal with XHRD Hard Rock Radio! Since Partnering with XHRD Hard Rock Radio in 2013, several bands from ‘the locals’ competition AND “The Battle of the Bands!”, brought to you by Gorilla Music, have signed Radio Deals with XHRD Hard Rock Radio. Broadcasting from Sunset Blvd. in the Heart of Hollywood, California, XHRD Hard Rock Radio continues to produce history-making, ground-breaking programs designed to promote local bands from everywhere AND carries exclusive interviews, stories, music and content of bands from Gorilla Music’s Battle of the Bands! At times carried on well known radio stations such as 99.3 FM KCLA – Los Angeles, Live 105.3 FM – San Francisco Bay Area, 107.7 The End – Seattle, and many more throughout the country, XHRD Hard Rock Radio’s Feature-Shows and content provide a number of ways for bands to breakout, go viral, and get attention from industry executives and programming decision makers at major labels and radio stations. Tune-in from any smart device or internet connection to for continuing exclusive interviews, music and more from bands performing at Gorilla Music’s Battle of the Bands AND feature content of bands from all over the U.S. as they are high-lighted in the current season of ‘the locals’!

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(Photos by Colin Evans)

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The Cleveland Battle of the Bands Finals!

Here are some photos from The Cleveland Battle of the Bands Finals on April 6th, 2014

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crowdBattle of the Bands

The Battle of the Bands is one of the best ways network, build relationships, and bond with your fans. After you win a battle of the bands, your group will gain the respect of friend and fans. You’ll create a stronger bond with your fans, while you add this great achievement to your group’s bio. Find out why the battle of the bands is more popular than ever!

Gorilla Music Festivalsfestival

Our local music festivals, which we book along with our sister company EagleOne Entertainment, range from 60 to 300 live acts, and attract thousands of people. This is your chance to be a part of something big! A Gorilla Music Fest is one of the best way to get your band noticed. But there are other great music fests taking place across the country as well! Also check out the 2013 Red Gorilla Music Fest; find more info about Red Gorilla Music Fest and their schedule of events.

Gorilla MusicGorilla Music Management Management

Here at Gorilla Music Management, our staff has real world experience in the music industry and can help your band make a plan to advance to the next step in the music business. As band managers, we help groups to write songs that can get the world’s attention, while teaching and guiding them on how to become one of the biggest groups in their market. In addition to band management we also offer band coaching. Whether you just want to keep your dream alive or if you’re ready to get the world’s attention, Gorilla Music Management is ready to help get you where you want to go.

Rock Your City: 5 Steps to Becoming the Biggest Band in Town!

Gorilla Music is proud to announce its new book Rock Your City: 5 Steps to Becoming the Biggest Band in Town AVAILABLE NOW! Rock Your City is fueled by John Michalak and Dan Cull’s experiences in the music industry. The book is jam-packed with advice for bands on how to book and prepare for shows, how to effectively network and promote themselves, and much, much more. “You can’t make it in this business without being able to network and without being able to write great songs,” says John, “this book shows you how to do both.” John and Dan, co-owners of Gorilla Music and Rock X Records, have over 40 years of experience in the music industry. They’ve done it all, from performing their own music to running their own recording studio, owning and operating Peabody’s concert club in downtown Cleveland, Ohio, to running one of the most successful concert production companies in the country specializing in music festivals and battle of the bands. They have been booking and managing local bands across the country for the past 15 years. Rock Your City is the first book of its kind and a must-read for not only musicians, but also for managers, agents, talent buyers, club owners, and anyone plugged into the music industry.

You won’t want to miss this book release!

Order ROCK YOUR CITY today for only $19.95!

Gorilla Music’s Featured Artist Interview: Ataxia


Ataxia is a 5-piece Metalcore, Post-Hardcore band from Akron, OH, for fans of A Day to Remember, August Burns Red, Memphis May Fire, and Parkway Drive. Ataxia also is a recent winner of The Cleveland Battle of the Bands Finals.

What are your songs about? (Attempting to avoid any cliché) but in life everyone experiences setbacks and let downs, what keeps them going is how the individual choses to deal with the problem. They can either accept defeat or move past the obstacle and take their life into their own hands. Each person is responsible for their own path and we are trying to promote the fact that when you go down, be ready to fight to get back up and succeed. Having dealt with many of these experiences as a band already, we feel the topic hits us all more personally and is therefore more enjoyable to write about. It serves as a release in way. Plus the themes themselves are relatable by anyone with a beating heart.

What is your genre? We get asked this question all of the time. Instead of limiting ourselves to one magnified genre, we like to write what we think sounds good and what everyone in the band is vibing off of depending on our mood. Some songs are heavier than others, some are more passionate. If you want to throw it in a genre call it metalcore. Where did you come up with the name for your band? In all honesty it was more of a trial and error process. We had each band member come up with a list of names that sounded cool and limited it down. Everyone was satisfied with Ataxia for the way it sounded. Short, and easy to remember. The meaning of the word itself has less importance to us.

What are some of your band biggest influences? Musically, it would have to be As I Lay Dying, After the Burial, A Day to Remember, Slipknot, and Parkway Drive. Lyrically, the challenges we as a band face every day.

If you could open for one band, who would it be? Tough question, but we’d have to go with A Day to Remember and August Burns Red because we draw influence from both equally and they put on great shows.

How long have you known each other? How did you guys meet and how did the band get started? Some have known each other for three years but ‘Ataxia’ as a whole formed one year ago. The lineup today was founded starting from Jordon and Brian who met at Walsh High School, and then bringing in Ricky from Revere High school. Devon was an older friend of Ricky’s. We can confidently say that we are proud of how good our communication is with each other and that the pact we have formed would be close to impossible to break after the setbacks we have pushed through.

Where have you performed? What are your favorite and least favorite venues? We have played all across the state of Ohio. Peabody’s *RIP* (Cleveland), the Agora (Cleveland), the Outpost (Kent), the Carriage House (Louisville), Jupiter Studios (Alliance), the Crawlspace (Girard), and the Foundry (Lakewood). The shows don’t necessarily depend on the venue itself. They depend on the crowd. However, every venue has its positive aspects to it. Do you guys have anything coming up? Shows, new album, stuff like that. We had just released our debut EP, “Memoirs,” and are playing that in its entirety at all of our shows in addition to a new single to be released within the month. The song features guest vocals from Spencer Charnas of Ice Nine Kills and we are very excited to put it out. It’s a lot different from what we’ve been doing but for the better. We are fortunate enough to open for Fallen Captive’s EP release show on June 28th with many other Ohio metal greats including Along Came a Spider, Skies of December and more. In addition to that we are in involved in an online voting contest to play the blossom date for warped tour, so fingers crossed for that one. (July 17th).

What has been the biggest challenge as a band? The challenges we face grow and change every day and are defined in one word: balance. We all have many priorities ranging from school, jobs, athletics, so finding time for the band can sometimes be difficult. We are trying to progress as much as possible and that can only be done if everyone in the group in on the same level with our priorities. We like to call it “good stress.” It keeps us moving and also in check.

What advice do you have for people who want to form their own bands? To try to keep this answer as short as possible, it’s first about finding the right group of people and making sure that you are able to work together musically and personally. Individually, if music is where your heart is at and you want to perform, don’t let anything stand in your way and keep acting on your passion. Act as if the band is one mind and each member is a different cog or gear keeping it running. If one gear fails, the whole project crashes. Also, to space out your shows so that you can bring in more of your fans. Most people don’t want to see their friend play every weekend so it’ll be hard to bring in a draw that way. By bringing a draw in front of the right people can help benefit you more than anything else, as networking is one of the things we value most.

For more info on Ataxia, check out their Facebook. Also, Ataxia is in the competing to play a week on this year’s Warped Tour. Click here to vote for them to play. So far they are tied for first in their region. Show your support for Ataxia and vote for them!

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