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1) Fill out this form BEFORE 2pm (Eastern Standard Time, E.S.T) the Friday before your Gorilla Show. (Please note: if your show is NOT on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, the cut off for online ticket sales is 2 PM on the day of the show)
2) Make sure to include your band’s name so they can be accounted for!!!
3) Use a valid card to purchase the ticket.
4) Print the receipt and bring it with you to the show!


A: Sure can! Pre-sale tickets through the website are the same price as the hard tickets that bands sell. If the show you are attempting to buy tickets for is an $8 ticket instead of an $10, $8 tickets can be purchased here. If you purchase tickets for a different price than what is presented on the flyer, hard tickets, and venue website, we cannot guarantee your entry to the event without paying the cash difference at the door. Please do not purchase tickets for a higher price than what the cost is of an advance ticket for your specific show - we are unable to give you a partial refund.

Q: My band is not playing a Battle, do they still get a cut of the ticket sales through the site?
A: Sure do, at check in we will pay the band out for those sales that were bought through our website BEFORE 2pm (E.S.T) the Friday before your show.

Q: Can my band find out beforehand how many tickets were sold?
A: Bands can call their agent between 3-7pm (E.S.T) the Friday before the show, we will be able to tell you how many of your fans bought tickets for your show!

Q: I bought a ticket through the website, now what?
A: Your receipt will act as your ticket, and the Gorilla Music staff member running the event will be informed if there are online sales for the event. Just bring a photo ID and the receipt with you and you should be all set!

Q: I still want to buy tickets for the show, but can’t buy them before the 2pm (E.S.T) cut off time…can I still buy a ticket?
A: Yes and make sure to bring the receipt. Keep in mind, this will NOT effect your band’s time slot/pay cut whatsoever, so to support your band try and buy them on time, no exceptions!

Q: I have fans who bought a ticket to my show, is there a way for me to know who it was?
A: All sales have the purchasers name included on file, so yes…all names are known for each purchase.

Q: I bought a ticket, but now I can’t attend…do I get a refund?
A: No refunds will be given, unless the band that you purchased to see doesn’t play. If this occurs please call Dan at 216-218-4716 to request a refund.