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Step By Step

1) Fill out this form BEFORE 2pm (Eastern Standard Time, E.S.T) the Friday before your Gorilla Show. (Please note: if your show is NOT on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, the cut off for online ticket sales is 2 PM on the day of the show)
2) Make sure to include your band’s name so they can be accounted for!!!
3) Use a valid card to purchase the ticket.
4) Print the receipt and bring it with you to the show!


Q: The show I want to attend says a different pre-sale price than that on the website..can I still buy tickets?
A: Sure can! Pre-sale tickets through the website are $8. Unfortunately, if your pre-sale tickets for your show are $7, you will have to pay an additional dollar, but in most cases the website cost will be less than or equal to your pre-sale ticket cost.

Q: My band is not playing a Battle, do they still get a cut of the ticket sales through the site?
A: Sure do, at check in we will pay the band out for those sales that were bought through our website BEFORE 2pm (E.S.T) the Friday before your show.

Q: Can my band find out beforehand how many tickets were sold?
A: Bands can call their agent between 3-7pm (E.S.T) the Friday before the show, we will be able to tell you how many of your fans bought tickets for your show!

Q: I bought a ticket through the website, now what?
A: Your receipt will act as your ticket, and the Gorilla Music staff member running the event will be informed if there are online sales for the event. Just bring a photo ID and the receipt with you and you should be all set!

Q: I still want to buy tickets for the show, but can’t buy them before the 2pm (E.S.T) cut off time…can I still buy a ticket?
A: Yes and make sure to bring the receipt. Keep in mind, this will NOT effect your band’s time slot/pay cut whatsoever, so to support your band try and buy them on time, no exceptions!

Q: I have fans who bought a ticket to my show, is there a way for me to know who it was?
A: All sales have the purchasers name included on file, so yes…all names are known for each purchase.

Q: I bought a ticket, but now I can’t attend…do I get a refund?
A: No refunds will be given, unless the band that you purchased to see doesn’t play. If this occurs please call Dan at 216-218-4716 to request a refund.