Cicero’s Battle of the Bands

6691 Delmar Boulevard
St. Louis, MO 63130
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    The St. Louis Battle of the Bands is a great way to play packed shows, build your act’s credibility, reach a lot of new fans, network with other budding talent, and have a chance to win cash and prizes. Sign up for the Cicero’s Battle of the Bands and have a chance to win $500 cash, and get to play at clubs like Cicero’s.

    Peabody's, Cleveland, OH - The Battle of the Bands - Gorilla Music

    Weekend Showcases

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    Cicero’s – St. Louis, MO

    If your band can impress us we will book you on a weekend showcase where you will have the opportunity to make over $500 if you’re able to bring a good amount of fans to your shows. We also book several festivals around the country and were always looking for new talent. Check out the rest of our website, we also have an artist management program and a ton of information designed to help the unsigned artist.

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